Postnatal Exercises

Now that your baby is born you will want to get yourself back into shape. The postnatal period marks the establishment of a new phase of family life for women and their partners and the beginning of the lifelong health record for new born babies. Child birth and care of new born are both physically exhausting tasks. But remember, having baby is the most amazing experience that anyone can have, every child is a gift.

Changes after Birth

  • Stretched and weakened abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
  • Reduced joint stability
  • Large and heavy breast
  • Increased need for energy

After delivery, the muscles of abdomen remain lax like a deflated beach ball. This is completely normal. Postnatal exercise further helps your tummy to pre-pregnancy shape. Childbirth places tremendous strain on the body, even if labor and delivery were relatively free of complications. So for the first couple of weeks, resting and bonding with your baby are more important. During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles split in the middle. Your muscles should heal before you start any vigorous workout. The ligaments and joints are lax for at least 3 months. So you should avoid high impact exercise or vigorous stretches. Consult your doctor before starting exercises.

Benefits of Exercises

Wait for at least 3 weeks after your baby is born, before you embark on an exercise routine. Get the advice of your doctor before you start this programme. It is very important that you feel good for yourself. Set aside some time to attend to your own personal needs.

  • Speedier healing and recovery from the rigors of the birthing process
  • Faster return to a pre-pregnancy level of fitness
  • Improves body image, posture, and self-confidence
  • Increases energy to cope with the demands of new motherhood
  • Reduce stress and depression

Postnatal Training

Personal Training after Childbirth

In addition to personal training exercises aimed specifically at the prenatal client, you may also focus your personal training business on your postnatal clients, as they require specialized training, as well. The postnatal body has also undergone dramatic, significant changes, and clients who have recently given birth must take care to only engage in exercises that take these changes into consideration.

Postnatal exercises, which are aimed at strength training, flexibility training, and cardiovascular training, are focused on improving your clients’ physical and mental well-being while still caring for their healing, postnatal bodies.

Like prenatal exercises, postnatal exercises are generally aimed at light cardiovascular workouts combined with light weight training, both of which are designed to:

  • Restore muscle strength
  • Firm up the postnatal body, including the abdominal muscles
  • Promote weight loss
  • Improve mood and relieve stress
  • Increase energy level

A number of studies have also shown that exercises following pregnancy may help prevent or alleviate postpartum depression.

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