About Us

Birth Kashmir is a non-governmental organization with a mission to promote evidence-based benefits and best practices for childbirth along with Breastfeeding in Kashmir valley. The idea of Birth Kashmir is originally motivated by the childbirth experiences of self and others, both positive and negative.
We are passionate about childbirth and Breastfeeding. Our role is to support the pregnant mother and their families through this new journey by giving evidence-based information on topics like pregnancy care, Prenatal, Nutrition & Fitness, Labor Birthing, Newborn care, Lactation, and Postpartum health.


We work with one on one with Breastfeeding Moms and offer evidence-based recommendations to meet their Breastfeeding goals. We believe that Breastfeeding is not only a personal choice but a public health intervention to save babies lives and empower families to experience a blessed beginning.

Our Mission

To effect change in bringing Healthy and Safe Natural Birth and Breastfeeding practices in Kashmir.

Impressum: Birth Kashmir does not endorse any doctor or service.

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