Exercising throughout will help you to strengthen your body and prepare you for birth and cope with postpartum

Postnatal Exercises

Help boost your mood by increasing the levels of feel-good chemicals in your brain. Help you to regain your pre-baby fitness and lose weight.


Breastfeeding lowers your baby's risk of having asthma or allergies. Plus, babies who are breastfed exclusively for the first 6 months, without any formula, have fewer ear infections, respiratory illnesses, and bouts of diarrhoea.


The way you nourish your body during this time will affect your health and your baby's. You must eat a healthful, balanced diet to help ensure you stay healthy throughout your pregnancy

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We work with one on one with Breastfeeding Moms and offer evidence-based recommendations to meet their Breastfeeding goals. We believe that Breastfeeding is not only a personal choice but a public health intervention to save babies lives and empower families to experience a blessed beginning.


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Nutrition During Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts

What you put in your body before falling pregnant, during your pregnancy and after the birth can affect your baby. Things like eating the right foods, knowing what food and drink to avoid, which vitamins are safe and also quitting smoking and alcohol are all important things you can do to increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy, Birth, and Baby

Supporting parents on the journey from pregnancy to preschool. Get the guidance and reassurance you need about developmental and behavioral concerns from our maternal child health expert or talk to our counselors for emotional support.



Understanding the body changes in pregnancy and designing a customized antenatal programme is beneficial for an expecting mother. We want to make this experience a healthy and pleasurable one.


The postnatal period marks the establishment of a new phase of family life for women and their partners and the beginning of the lifelong health record for new born babies.


Breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed your baby. It provides all the nutrition your baby needs during the first six months of life, satisfies their hunger and thirst at the same time.

Health Tips

Numbness During Pregnancy – Causes and Remedies

Pregnancy brings about a number of changes to the body and some of them can cause numbness in the arms, legs, belly or other parts of your body where you’ve never felt numb before. Often these episodes of numbness are not of concern. However, if they’re accompanied by other symptoms, they shouldn’t be ignored. Continue […]

10 Essential Tips to Consider While Breastfeeding a Newborn

Breastfeeding a newborn strengthens the bond between the mother and the newborn baby. If you are pregnant or have just delivered your baby, you will wonder whether you have enough milk to satisfy your baby’s needs. If you are all worked up to face the breastfeeding challenges, our suggestion is that you relax and calm […]

Baby Choking while Breastfeeding

Choking occurs when your baby takes more milk into its mouth than it can swallow at a time. Excess milk can spill into the airway and block the flow of air which leads to choking. It can be a frightening sight for any mother to see her baby coughing and sputtering milk while struggling to […]

Neck Pain during Pregnancy – Causes, Remedies and Prevention

During pregnancy, your body goes through a frenzy of hormonal changes. The imbalance in hormones, expanding belly, changes in the position of sleep and lack of mobility lead to pain in the neck that extends to the back and shoulders too. Your changing body shape tends to shift the pressure to the back and spine, […]

Gentle Exercises after Miscarriage for a Quick Recovery

For women, a miscarriage is one of the most painful events to experience in their lives. All the happiness and joy of expecting a baby and undergoing the joys of motherhood take a huge hit and it affects a woman emotionally to quite an extent. The impact is physical as well since the body needs […]

Indian Confinement Practices after Childbirth

Delivering a healthy child successfully is quite an achievement for the mother as well as the child. The entire process of delivery takes a toll on both the mother and the child since it is extremely taxing on their bodies. At this stage, the mother is quite vulnerable since her immune system is at its […]

Cleaning during Pregnancy – Do’s and Don’ts

When you prefer doing major cleaning work by yourself, the news of pregnancy might make you rethink and replan your activities. Sure, you might get a maid for cleaning floor during pregnancy, or might even wonder if you could do that yourself. Pregnancy definitely requires you to stay away from strenuous activities, but it is also […]

Postnatal Infections – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

While a certain amount of bleeding and fatigue is to be expected after delivery, there are some conditions that require more intense medical attention. No matter how much care you may try to take, sometimes catching an infection is inevitable. There are many open wounds in the uterus and also open lacerations around the vaginal […]

Breast Compression while Breastfeeding – Benefits and Techniques

If the term “Breast Compression” sounds odd and gives you the impression of milking yourself, then you are not off the target. It is a useful technique new mothers can follow to ensure that the breast empties its milk content and the baby feeds more efficiently. The production of milk is enhanced due to breast compression, […]

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